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I've uploaded an updated version of the game that fixes some of the problems people had. Enemy hitboxes are better now and the out of map glitch on the last level is fixed. Also, It has PS4 controller support. 

To download the newer version download the file Lights Out - PostJam 0.1.zip

PS4 controls: 

Left analog stick: move.

X: Jump.

Square: Interact (turn on lights).

Lights Out is a platformer made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2019.

You play as a young boy who finds himself in a cave in the middle of nowhere.

For some reason, every time he lights a torch, the previously lit one goes out. It seems he may have to navigate in the dark.

The goal for this game was to use the lack of lighting in certain areas to force you to wander into the darkness. The lack of light and eerie ambiance brings a feeling of claustrophobia. Expect to platform blindly.


WASD or Arrow Keys to control the character.

Press space to activate a light that isn't already active.

ESC quits the game at any time.

R restarts the current level.


The art and programming for this game were done by myself while the amazing original soundtrack and sound effects were created by my brother.

I've posted the soundtrack here below, it contains all the separate in-game tracks as well as a combined version and the menu music. 


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Lights Out - PostJam 0.1.zip 33 MB
Lights Out - Jam Version.zip 33 MB
Lights Out Soundtrack.rar 32 MB

Development log


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The sound design really is quite beautiful (and sort of intense~). You and your brother both did good jobs.

Thanks! Once the rating period is over I'll post the music on this page if you or anybody else who sees this wants to download!

Oh, YES!

Gotta say, couldn't tell if the drums were fading in and out as a dynamic layer, or as part of the track. The ambiguity was kind of cool regarding that, honestly.

IDK if this ruins the illusion, but there are 4 levels to the game music. The intensity increases based on how much time you spend in the dark!

Ahhhh. That explains a lot. No wonder I couldn't tell--I was thinking there were only two layers! Those extra layers really do add a lot to the experience.

Hey just wanted to let you know I went ahead and uploaded the music :)